Plants of Dayflower Family -2- 

On this issue, continued from an article on April 9th, a plant staff Shinohara introduces to you some plants of Dayflower family(Commelinaceae).

Tradescantia fluminensis "Maiden's Blush".
This cultivar is sold in Japan labelled as "Hatsu Kansetsu(The First Layer of Snow)", Hatsuyuki Tsuyukusa(The First Snow Dayflower)" or "Kochou-no-Mai(Butterfly Dance)". It's green all over in summer, but it bears pinkish stripes from autumn to spring. It grows very big and mature plants are quite impressive.

Tradescantia zebrina.
This plants has leaves with patterns somewhat similar to Rex Begonias. It's a useful subject for hanging basket, though its sprigs tend to point upward.

Commelinaceae sp.
This plant bear small but numerous oval leaves. It branches well in a hanging basket to grow into a small ball.

Commelinaceae sp.
This plant shows the same growth pattern as the former one. Its leaves are dark green. It's very tough and it grows fast.

T. sillamontana.
It is difficult for this species to use in hanging basket due to its congested upright stem. However, it's a beautiful plant with cute pink flowers. The Garden exhibits this species around the pool in the Main Greenhouse.

T. "Sweet Kate".
This cultivar has golden leaves and deep purple flowers. Again this is not suitable for hanging basket, but we might be able to exhibit it in the same way as T. sillamontana.

Plants of Dayflower Family are tough and easy both to grow and propagate. Some of them are available at the Flower Shop in the Garden, so it's worth buying and growing at your home.