Preparation for Vegetated Roof 

This picture shows the maintenance of the roof before planting flowers.

Fuji Kachoen used to maintain vegetated roof by impatiens from the latter half of May to late autumn until a couple of years ago, when the Garden suffered shortage of maintenance accompanied by loss of plant staff member and serious damage caused by severe hail right after the planting and gave up the vegetated roof.

However, this year two members, Shinohara from Kamo Japanese Iris Garden and newly recruited Suzuki, joined the Garden. So we decided to challenge the vegetated roof again to meet high demand among visitors.

The young plants are ready. All we have to do is to put them on the roof.
Since the backyard cannot afford such great amount of plants, some of them are placed by the passage.

Impatiens on the left in the pots will be planted on the roof of the Nagayamon Entrance. Plants in the tray will be placed on the white wall along the route.

This is the view a month after the planting. Vegetated roof is completed.
The scenes of planting and growth after the planting will be featured here.