Branched Upright Tuberous Begonias 

Speaking of tuberous begonias in Fuji Kachoen, most of you imagine rows of extra large flowered upright forms, or baskets of pendulous forms that fill above your head.

Today we focus on an intermediate form of tuberous begonias between large flowered upright forms and pendulous forms. It is called "branched upright begonias" in Fuji Kachoen.

Branched upright begonias are exhibited on top of the tiers for the exhibition of upright begonias.


Its flowers are not as big as extra large flowered upright forms but quite numerous. Its stems are branched as much as pendulous begonias, but they are kept upright.

Branched upright begonias are bred from seeds produced by crossbreedings.

We are almost out of stock of crossbred seeds recently, so we had a staff member Suzuki to help us crossbreed the begonias.
This was his first experience.

He chose the father plant and collect the pollen.

Then he pollinated the mother plant.
He seems to have selected a good mother that bore regular shaped folwers with much petals.

Branched upright begonias are good ornamental plant, so they are quite popular at the Flower Shop. We are thinking of preparing various cultivars for exhibition and sale. Please check them out!