Parrots in the Lorikeet Landing 

Today we show you stars in the Lorikeet Landing cage, Sun Conures(Aratinga solstitialis) and Jandaya Parakeets(A. jandaya).

First of all, let's see the difference.

Though they look same at a first glance, Sun Conures in upper picture have yellow back, while Jendaya Conures in lower picture are green on its back and whole wings.

These two species are friendly with each other, unaware of the difference.

They are tame and naughty;they are popular among visitors because they are first birds in the cage to come close to people as soon as the parrots see them. While I was holding a camera for some shots, one of them crawled into my waist pouch to make a mischief.

A Jandaya Parakeet digging the ground and nibbling something. Has it found something tasty there?

They like wristwatches and some other glittering materials. In this video clip, my wristwatch is targeted. Folks, please be sure to keep your jewelry in your bag when you are to handle the parrots.